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Image 52 - Week 9 ... Dowdy nouns and isolated missions..


4* entrance..
Shabby nouns.. an' how to shoot one..

.. maybe a shabby adjective too..
.. and thanks to Richie for 'Stranger in..'.. and Mr. Green for 'Man of..'

As you can no doubt gather from my scribblings., I don't write comedy.., however, who knows, maybe an attempt to publish one will come out at some point and I'll surprise your ass with something witty., after all, who'd wait at a bus stop that advertises travelling topless to your destination.? 

Truly, if dowdy nouns have your attention, then I'm really worried about your reading habits..;  I mean, they're nothing more than my cryptic way of dealing with Week 9's Image 52..  and so far I've already managed to address  both 'issues' (to my satisfaction) without effort., which also means that if I can offer up a third, I can sign off and go home..

Stats can be funny too.. as they show someone's actually taking the time to read this..; have no fear though 'cause I have no clue who you are., but still, thank you all the same.. There., now the third has been dealt with..

Seriously.., back to nouns and  'speedos'..!

First sight..

On the right side is a (truly gifted) friend’s painting I wake up to.. and  specially positioned to be the first thing I see; it acts as a warm inspiration when I take the first breath of a new day with my eyes open.; she wouldn't believe just how much her bold, heavily textured and sweeping work impacts the start of my day, but thanks JT .. If I open my eyes ‘left side’, I see another friend’s hand remarked book.. and if I open them front centre, I see a 'different' friend’s  (stunning) painting..

and that particular one is part of a group of frames including a tiny one containing a ‘feather’..; just an ordinary feather I mounted and had signed., but still a feather that represents a moment and memory I had with friends... I’ve included a couple of my own canvas’ for some reason..; perhaps a little pride to be associated with such talented friends, or simply to feel close., but the whole thing works as a reminder of things past. There are other signed books neatly stacked to one side keeping my daily need for dark glasses company. Photographs too., photographs of another guy I reluctantly turn into sometimes when I dust down a suit, wrap a tie around my neck and emerge from the telephone box. ...
So, I’m surrounded by original art, photographs and books (all signed), as soon as I wake.. and that’s how my day begins..; among friends and their work.. Yeah., I’m really lucky although I do have to admit to also being within   arms length of
the draining and dreaded technology deal as my laptop and phone hold court pretty darn close ..., but holding them all together and fighting for immediate attention are my glasses., dang it.. 


Those signatures share a life and a great story..; so thank you for starting my days off warmly and for being close when I turn out the lights at the end of my day..

Elegantly wasted...

An old pair of  faded Levi’s (529 low rise, boot fit  and 32x32’s) are usually the first thing I reach for.. and my day starts to move once in them..  In the midst of informality, I’m understatedly organised choosing to recognise carefully arranged commitments as opposed to the conscientious opinion that I merely ‘wing’, ‘walk’ and photograph my day.., which again proves how ‘relaxed’ I successfully operate my disciplined and well balanced calendar.. Balance is my particular 'bag., man'... and maintaining it, is a simple priority.. I realised, sadly, years ago that I wasn’t going to win Wimbledon or raise the European Cup as captain of the world’s greatest soccer team, or replace Percy as front man and inspired lead singer of  a Signature Les Paul  driven four piece rock band... and once accepting that, I began developing a life that I CAN live and satisfy.  Otherwise, aren’t we all chasing the something we may never catch..? I guess that’s why I feel privileged being surrounded with signatures offered me by friends who matter and have impacted  me greatly.. Proof of the here and now definitely rocks my boat..

Hey., I do know that change is around the corner and the future is getting closer..; take my word for it..

Geez., I just  had a thought.., however, I'll save it for possibly another week.,  but remind me about the James Bond., Thomas Crown, Cap'n Jack and Robert Langdon stories..; geez, I need me a ghost writer.. and for the record., she IS a cutie and made my normally fit and strong knees literally wobble..

... and Wang Dang Doodle go the Pointer Sisters.. 

I realised today how life really does have it's stages and when I look at the stages other folk are at, it becomes even more obvious..; there is something about growing older and the sense of priority one packs in one's  suitcase of emotion that takes us to different places.. .. and today's was a 1664...; thanks buddy. and good luck too..
'We'., or I should say 'I' certainly don't have all the answers, but I can assure you of one thing.. and that is that experience of an occasion truly does count.. It's a pure form of wisdom..; fact..

Just where does a photograph come into all this this week..?  'Dunno'., I'm at a complete loss and., I'm still on the nouns gig at the moment and that's not where I want to go with this... Geez., I left my gloves somewhere yesterday..;  I blame it on the three hour mentally draining sermon I preached to a couple of pairs of imprisoned and uninterested ears ..  I do that stuff  far too easily and hate that I do which is why I  am compelled to retreat after.. My whole body actually reacts violently when I do that s*it., crushing me beyond imagination.., but at least I know  jus'' what's got to be done..; now where is that wooden, creaky and over-sized ceiling fan when I need it..
.. and that's the second item I've 'lost' in as many weeks.. Could be a case of losing the old ..., now what is it that one loses...?

here, there and everywhere..

Ahh 'retreat'.., resignation.., real... - and  I just deleted a whole piece that I've been 'working' on for the past hour, including photos I'd attached.. I simply hit that delete button  without as much as a second thought, just whoosh, it's gone.. See, I know what I'm writing and how I'm feeling as I hit these keys despite how they read.. and it's just too damn personal.. This maybe one of those times to walk away and come back to attack this monster later in the week..., or perhaps I should keep going and share with you the torture my fingers are putting me through..; hmm, but have no fear H..,  and this despite being told I actually do..?

It's Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, his Gibson.. and Oh Well that's doing it...  and hey, it's like having a satellite navigation thingy that's not quite up to date.. It'll still get ya there, but won't recognise certain new roads which kinda makes you feel a little lost (?) and totally reliant on a funky sense of direction and instinct... I'm not actually sure I want to know where I'm going, but I do want to know that I'm going to get there..

.. like boarding a plane..; you get on it at one place, the cabin is locked down and you leave a runway only to land on a completely new surface  (hours later ?), where., when the cabin door is opened, you get to breath in a different 'air' and hear a different accent or dialect... The journey goes forward,  it doesn't stand still and it's how I decide to approach  my life.., with a forward thinking MO and total sense of wonderment....; I should add that I believe in magic too and I believe in magic because I've looked into the eyes of people who walk through the gates at Disneyland.. and watched the smiles instinctively come across their faces... We just lose that naivety, along the way.,  that innocence too and basically become jaded, cynical and I simply refuse to.., hence the fact that I chose to believe in the magic the signatures bring me each day....

simplicity... at it's most powerful..
I guess I'm finally getting to a closing place with this week's Image 52 and hopefully impacting you (in some insignificant way) while I reveal myself yet a little more. This is certainly about recognising the roles a group of people who have ..and ARE, impacting me.. So., here goes.. and while things do naturally impact me.; duh., of course.. What really, truly impacts me, is a simple  signature (n).; one that proves 'time taken' and attention to detail, a particular originality and certain talent my friends prove to have and  that I'm lucky enough to have jus' 'hanging around'...

an' put that in your pipe and smoke it... 

has no relevance whatsoever..


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