Monday, 26 March 2012

Image 52 - Week 12.. A Day in the Life., or something like that..

Daffodils, time change and that extra evening hour..

Another season..

If I were a writer, I'd perhaps be staring at a blank piece of paper and looking at it without being able to make a start.., however, as I'm admittedly not, a writer,  I can just pull my trigger and carry on like this all day long until I feel as though I'm finding a way..; apart from basically understanding the differences between their and there, where and were, I've never professed, or claimed to be a writer so I can simply carry on with my journey.., but thanks for the pointer..; it really was intended purely as humour..

On my travels this time I sat across from an old guy dressed smartly in collar and tie and naturally travelling alone.. I couldn't help discreetly glancing at him from time to time wondering what his story was and noticing his lapel pin that seemed to indicate a military past, but more intriguing was his obviously old, dated and faded pocket map he referred to occasionally from his inside jacket pocket..    
A life in the day..
It was that piece of neatly folded paper he obviously treasured that held what I could only imagine as being the fascinating story I would have loved to learn more about.. I knew this guy had a story from the moment and way he retrieved his fallen glasses and the attentive manner in which he put them on again.. and I so wanted in on that story man., however,  sat in front of me was a distracting woman who coughed for most of the journey, but I suspect her cough had more to do with the racy book she was reading.;  I could just make out from the reflection in the coach window enough back to front words to know that one or to words indicated her reading preference and I came to the early conclusion that it wasn't a self help book., unless...
The woman behind me opened the most foul smelling crisps imaginable and all I could do to keep from throwing up as I heard her munch a flavour I certainly wasn't familiar with was try to read the back to front paperback in front of me...  I was also privy to the guy sitting next to the crisps letting us all know his phone call was to his girlfriend who he desperately wanted to see after getting home and changing his clothes.. Actually, the walk he wanted to go on sounded pretty good to me, however,  what he wanted to eat certainly didn't..

Other peoples lives..

I sat alone looking through the gap in the seats wondering what the three blond Scandinavian students were talking about.. I didn't understand a word of their conversation, but found them a little more interesting than the pair of head phones and the music coming from the young professional guy sitting in front of the military guy.. I won't mention what the woman was doing sat behind the old guy, but I just wish that every time I looked over, she didn't have to flick them on the floor.

So it was the travellers sat in front of me that proved I appeared to be sat in the right place to observe my fellow adventurers., but I'm going to have to ask the driver one of these days why we stop at that particular place for the 45 minute rest..

.. rules.., rules, rules..
At the long motorway stop the uniformed female driver reminded us again that the vent/roof window was our only access to cooler air after several disgruntled passengers complained of the heat. The driver certainly had a colourful way of describing what would happen if we ignored her directions; failing to follow her instructions would apparently result in the decapitation of  any stupid asshole following us.. I wasn't going to go anywhere near that bloody roof.
I wonder if it's how I sit, or my dark glasses, or more than likely my sideburns that keep people away, but hey, I got to sprawl out., as much as the tight seats allow.. I don't exactly need to have a stranger sit next to me, but then again I always wonder why my spare seat is always the last to get filled.. Hmm., I showered., my feet don't smell.. and apart from the fact that I sing out loud and out of tune while keeping my empty beer cans and tequila bottles neatly contained in their plastic and brown paper bags.., I'm kinda a considerate traveller...
I never know whether to use the foot rests only because when you take your feet off them, they flick up and make the worst sound and the little girl a couple of rows back seem to use this as an ongoing game of sorts. Her mother appeared to encourage the noise as I didn't hear her suggest stopping.. It was only for three hours, so I could deal with the rattle, crash, bang.. and besides her cute little song made me smile..; that was fun., but those darn crisps man.. Geez.., enough already..

Why do people throw trash out of their car windows..?

I didn't sleep much last night, but hey, when I did, I dreamt of preventing a night time break in by a burglar armed with a pair of scissors and the flash light he was using that ultimately woke me up..; I successfully subdued the guy while at the same time calling the police.. I calmly made my statement to the cute female police officer while surrounded by gathered family and friends before passing out completely drained from wrestling with the burglar.. and now, YOU., please tell me what that's all about..  

It looks like dreams and travelling have a common bond going on here.. Books, music and cute accents..; along with a little danger, all adding up to a life time of adventure..? Maybe and yet, it seems I adhere to the rules of how to open a window.., respect a past and am intrigued by life..? Yep., sounds like me, my journey.. and a life in the day..

Oh geez, the past week uh..? I've hit the road, travelled a few counties, from the coast to quite a bit of the English countryside and made it to a desk where I've made my very late start  to 'Week 12' watching the sun set., then rise across the farm and rolling fields., outside the study window... 

I bought some toothpaste and have eaten some choc' digestives.. Filled a pool, filled a gas tank and emptied a beer bottle., or two.. I've driven a strange embankment, woken to fog and know where the best shower in town is..

Isn't it inneresting.:. What is acceptable..?  Now if only I could work out how to load this weeks pics I'd be smokin'.. Maybe you can imagine the images for me..? Yeah, that would be great..; imagine..

It's the simple things.. and view..
I had my laptop cleaned last week and all my settings have changed, including new images and the routine I've been using up to this point is now out the window..; ahh, window AGAIN.. Hmm..! Anyway, I can't find a way to transfer my edited pics and my tech' abilities haven't worked it all out yet.. I know it's only a matter of hitting a simple button I haven't as yet, but I'm on it..; sorta..
The ole well worn laptop I use reminds me of a favourite battered old note pad and handed down fountain pen but is working much faster after it's treat, yet where did all my stuff go dude..? 

Tell me, am I the only untech' person left in this world who has to fumble around a computer in order to find things..?  I guess this is exactly the reason why moments mean something to me and why I live 'em.., 'cause it's a case of when I find stuff on here, I feel like I've just won the lotto.. It's like Disneyland, candy floss and meeting Diane Lane.. 

No idea whatsoever what this weeks inspiration is about.., other than I'm taking in a new place that's full of laughter and different accents.;  spring is opening it's windows to a new light.. and the daffodils, colour and new bloom are all showing themselves, the sun has a little heat in it, there is an extra hour in the day and hey.. I can hide my gloves and snood away in the back of the bottom drawer.. finally.. and perhaps., perhaps gently coax my shorts to front center..?

I'm gonna open that window and let the sunshine in..; if only I could work out the whole where did my pics go deal..!

Aha.., something's happening..

It's just a sign that Easter's round the corner.....
.. and for the unlikely person who's been sitting on the edge of your seat patiently waiting for my weekly scribblings, I'm sorry I'm late, it's just this clean and newly disorganized laptop that's confused my photo loading skills..; sadly for the other folk who wonder what all this is about, I'm back.., as confused as ever..  and looking forward to my choc' Easter Egg...


  1. Though you suggested juice and toast tea and toast was what I could put together. I must say it went very well with your witty word journey. Now about the bus driver quote... as she reminded the passengers about the vent window was that a spot on quote or did you embellish a bit. For I just have a hard time putting that sentiment into a British accent. : ) too funny Howard can't wait for the next ponderings.

  2. Aha., tea and toast is fine Sandra.; good eye regarding the language thingy, but alas, it was what she said, although I translated it from the English equivalent which sounds, looks and reads worse in my opinion.. Thanks though.. and there will be more for sure, however, I can't be sure of the intended wit.. ;)