Monday, 5 March 2012

Image 52 - Week 10.. Hey, hey.. and seconds..

Rice paper., egg shells.. an'

Heated what..?

Let the Cream bring a little sunshine into your life..

“Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way”
Bonfire, Mars

perfectly proportioned... and very cute..; believe me..

Tavares sang it like it is... and it only takes a minute.. 

There's definitely something wrong in Chelsea's boardroom.; at a little longer than a second.., but only just., they're back on the market for a miracle.. and yet another dictorial sign of a desire for immediacy and change in a second...

Cheap flights..

Do you know I’ve seen a round trip to NY, including taxes for 299..; 390 to L.A.. 307 to S.F. and 398 to DIA..
45 bucks to S.A. from S.F by Greyhound and with gas about $4.30 (ish ?) a gallon in NB, or (?) the equivalent of a lot of POUNDS a #*!king gallon here.. and no two buck chuck anywhere to be seen in Tescos.., I’m feeling the Coppertone filling my nostrils..

Throw into the seductive mix ole Cesar Millan, ABC’s Good ole Mornin’ and Anderson Cooper and I’m thinkin’ sunrises, Taco Tuesdays and smooth surfaces baby..; but I can’t drive 55., Sammy.. Ouch..
Choices and the seconds it takes to make that final committed decision..

A split second.. and it's as black and white as that...
 I guess there's always the uber reliable M&S, tremendously exciting SD Leisure Carousel,   archaically ‘supportive’  and male dominated parochial councils along with high levels of colloquially driven customer service desks though to more than compensate... and with the ever protective cameras following our every move, we’ve got the historically popular and full calendar’d Bandstand to entertain us..; I say ‘Paint it Black’ and rock Mick... "long live, rock and roll".....

The fog stayed along the coast for most of the day today., sadly.. an' I couldn’t find a Coke for the much needed comfort sugar my body was gasping for; well, at least the belt was grateful.. Three projects in three different locations must have been what technology was designed for..; well, social stuff  and time differences too.. and research, ‘Googling’ and geez, so much more.. ET’s LB pics have got my mind thinking of the Convention Center and Grand Prix circuit..

The right side..
53% of my traffic is coming in from overseas..; 
danke.. and yo dude, muchos gracias..; I’m seeing the whole Ray, Jim and Perception thing all over again..

I visited an ATM earlier (shock, horror) and got pretty excited when I actually remembered my pin number.. ; the ‘associate’ almost called for medical assistance as I yelled out an obviously loud and very audible sigh of relief, but decided against it when I  explained it was the first time I’d actually ever seen what people call, money come from a machine I was standing at before... She took a step back and appeared to go for the red button at that point, but I was outta there in  a flash as I had chocolate on my mind..

Holy cow., I used to have hair.. and a lot of it..; I just found a bunch of ‘not so old’ ;) photographs..; oh ok, they were really old..; infact from the last bloody century.. and I kid you not..

I saw someone fall from a street lamp just a few yards from where I was standing and  only minutes from the midnight chimes that heralded 1999/2000 ; he, sadly, didn’t make it..; true and tragic.. He show-boated for the thousands of surrounding revellers on the Strip while shuffling along the lamp before  finally losing his grip and falling to his death..  Seconds..

I also witnessed a biker passing me on his Harley before locking, actually, his rear wheel and being catapulted through the air before landing in a heap many yards infront of his broken bike..  The truck I was in screeched to a halt behind his tumbling and crumpled body., but miraculously he actually stumbled to his feet in a totally shocked daze with nothing more than torn clothing and a nasty road rash for a souvenir... We found the culprit, a broken bolt ., then eventually loaded his bike onto a trailer and left him wondering what just happened....The whole thing took seconds and reminded me yet AGAIN how precious that second is.. 

Geez., where am I tonight..? I tried talking a kid from leaping off a pier too.. A pier you think.., but this pier had height on it’s side and a rip current flowing under it.. She  let go of the railing for a split second and jumped right infront of me.. and by the time I got to the other side of the pier, she was caught in the tide and swept a few hundred meters with bystanders screaming for her to ‘float’ it out.. Panicked, she was finally  brought in  alive and exhausted after several difficult minutes of what was a fading light rescue op' the courageous lifeguards

I intend to live forever - so far, it's looking good...

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think;
'Tis strange, the shortest letter which man uses
Instead of speech, may form a lasting link 
from Don Juan
Lord George B

Ok., who knows what the next second will bring.. and that’s why the now matters for me... and right now I’m having a memory of a linked walk that took in a Californian harbour evening and yet lives with me years later..
Funny how a second can have these effects... and yet my darn laundry is taking ages to dry.. and therefore driving me nuts.. I guess I’m ok taking a walk, but you can keep the whole laundry detergent process..

Does anybody remember Ian MacShane’s Lovejoy.. and is it dated TV.? I recall enjoying that..; there was also a female P.I., (maybe an insurance deal thingy.; I dunno) in a short lived TV run who drove a pale blue Sunbeam Alpine.(?) and who I thought of as being kinda cute., but I can’t remember what the program was or who she is/was.. 
Hmm., one of the problems of living this long I guess is that the whole  'loads a' seconds gig come flooding back.. ; Johnnie Walker still sounds great.. and where's Ferris Bueller when you need him .. ? and who's the Dr. anyway.?

I tried sniffing Coke once., but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose and the bubbles made my eyes water....

Do we know what the point of Linkedin is..? and why spend even a second with Twitter..?  and the thought of a Cadillac Margarita, on the rocks and with salt sounds like an idea.. and only took me a second to think of it.,  but there again, so does a Corona also... ; but wait a second, I've been there as well..; now, they're the kind of seconds I like to remember...
Moments spent with people, of fun., of places, a TV program..; even travelling a road.., but I don't see a second thought being wasted... I guess that says a lot about who I am and the seconds that speak to me..
Speakin' of which., I've gotta go grab me a new second to remember...

They're both mine and how I kinda  roll..., so  consider me in for seconds.. ; anytime...

Wow., life changing stuff eh.? and to think that these things take but a mere second’s thought.. and a second to last forever..; I like my seconds..

By the way., what day is it today.?

Today (whatever day it is) proved to have been a final day of sorts for me and while it took more than a difficult second, it actually only took a second to know it felt right.. and., can you believe., the phone rang immediately on 'leaving the building' with spectacular new news..; how and why does that stuff happen.. (?), but gotta hit the research button .. Thanks Cali., timing is everything..

Just another second from my foggy memory... 

I picked up a travel ticket for London earlier in order to play catch up with an accent I've missed greatly and am excitedly looking forward to hearing again.. It looks like Big Ben/Westminster Bridge this weekend  is the place where all the Waldo hide and seek action is going to be at..; cool..., but remember to pack warm 'cause a sunny forecast here doesn't mean warm, it just means  possibly dry.. and as we all know, that ;) can change in a second..
Anyway, if you see me pacing and looking lost somewhere round Parliament Square, stop by and say hi.. ; I don't bite.., much..
.. remember.., 10.20.. London..

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"
William Arthur Ward 


bueno adiós amigos.. y gracias..

Oh and YEAH.., I found my gloves baby.. Right where I forgot 'em.. ; cool an' groovy eh..

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