Sunday, 26 February 2012

Image 52 - Week 8 .. The Process...and #Roxette's Listen to Your Heart..

 How it works for me.., from start to finish.. and tunes..

Alone with a thought.. and a phone..
No editing, no drafts and no idea...; no photos., just a title.. and from that title comes.., a ‘mess’ of thought that hopefully provides me with ‘an end’ and point to the whole effort..; so this is how it goes.. In one sitting, I  basically waffle on with nothing more than a whole bunch of spontaneity and perhaps a photograph or two until I magically, for me.,  get there.. an' hey presto., it's taking shape already..; miracles never cease..
I sense a path., of sorts..; a path to a decision., maybe.? A path that takes me up hill, down hill, through soft trails and muddy puddles., by obvious  and stunning beauty., until the horizon shows itself to me with such clarity... I could see for miles in all directions today, but it's the one direction that spoke to me.. The stunning 360 views of countryside and coast line were/are  obviously (duh), beautiful and yet it was the horizon that drew my attention the most.. and that 'line' lies beyond the cliffs edge.. 

The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony..; so, yes, I took a walk today., like the Bitter Sweet video., shot in one take (?) and without stopping..; just a long walk.  Got home to take my left NB off only to discover a bloody  middle toe..; that’s how far I walked..; I didn’t expect to see anyone I know as I took in several hours of rambling to Old Harry and beyond.. and back., but yep., I was spotted by a radio voice and personality I know having a sunny breakfast .  and hey, there’s the link I could run with.. A tune I like and a radio presenter..
 Geez., the light was perfect today.. and while clinging to Old Harry's Rocks, the old wobbly feeling hit my legs as I tested my courage to peer over the edge..  Love the feeling when adrenaline kicks in and the way my breath changes when faced directly with an edge.. 4 dogs have apparently run off the cliff ;( this year alone .. I have no clue how high the cliffs are, but they're high.. man..

Closer to seeing clearer..
.. and what is a proper job anyway..? My gently combative and totally unqualified thoughts are  that it’s a job someone else wants you to do.. So., should we chose our paths because of peer pressure, or chose it because our hearts indicate that it’s our path..? Hmm., paths..? Why do others seem to know what’s best for us.?  Is it about power, insecurities, or simple envy.? Yep., I’m walking my way.. and hopeful that I’ll bump into people using a similar satellite navigation system., occasionally.. and who appear to hold a  calendar that  honours, respects and simply works...

The Plan.. , topics, currencies.. and another escape from Alcatraz with nothing but a tennis racket..

Yes., I have a plan, I have a topic, I’m all over currencies and am looking for a tennis court..
Ahh ok, so here goes.; I have a story for you..I went to bed, tired and thoroughly exhausted  the other night and immediately fell asleep, only to hit a dream straight away .; I know this because the dream woke me up.., but why..? Well, I dreamed my cell phone bloody rang.. I heard it ring actually in my dream and that in turn woke me up and instinctively reaching for my phone totally confused I was able to see this all happened within five minutes of me going to bed...!!! True..
No wonder I hate phones so much.. Impersonal little buggars..

Freedom., or..
walking the edge...?
Dreams and shadows..

A dream for me would be to sit on a full property length (or should that be ‘width’.?) tropical  veranda overlooking a lagoon, naturally fringed by the whitest of sands, warmest of oceans and endless sunrises and sunsets ..  Balmy evenings, palm trees and wooden window shutters,  over sized ceiling fans..; multiple doors opening up onto the covered veranda would complete the image I have of a ‘creative office’ that could offer me a simple watering hole to share with friends who find adventure a place to travel to.; oh shoot., I’ve had that too.. So are dreams things ‘we’ want and aim for, or perhaps haven’t had, or are they simply things we do when asleep..?  
Crossing the international date line numerous times has provided me with an eye for alternatives the local Co op and Tesco can’t possibly..; it’s that simple. So my background is one that began a lifetime before  there was a ‘social media’., well before I knew of Photoshop and long before megapixels.; it started when people crossed oceans in dug out canoes., when propellers powered Pan Am and BOAC and when it was considered ok to place a child in the overhead cargo net. It began close to the edge of Lake Victoria..Yep., I have a background and travelled that background.., dude..; back to today's path, horizon and a Bittersweet Symphony.., oh.. and the whole edge gig..

This.., or that way.., or simply on edge..?

 I'm not finding my way this week.., unless that's exactly how it's meant to be..; yet I'm doggedly determined to find an image I've taken that shares just where my day has gone.. and.. perhaps with all this confusion of which 'path' I'm inspired to take.. I guess I just have to accept that this is how it is .. and me is..

.. comfortable and at home... with my tennis racket.. and on a veranda ...

With this weeks Image 52, I'm inspired to simply share the path I've walked today..  while being reminded to listen to your heart....

Thanks go to The Verve., Roxette, Old Harry, an edge, horizon and the potential tennis racket..

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