Sunday, 19 February 2012

Image 52 - Week 7... Dancing Trees.. and freeways..

I think of a room where you can’t open a window..

How it feels..
  ... where the roads are clear, unobstructed and move with ease..

not a hope...

How it once was ..and now is..

and the process..; beginning to look good
 .. and a view to create to..

So, here goes with a new seven.. and a total sense of reality.., but now I've just received an e-mail that changes 'things'...; what you might call a monkey wrench in the works (or should that be simply  'a wrench?')., however., all's good as it's positively a positive monkey.. An invitation to  ......., is always a fun thing to receive, especially when it's  another creative project (or two) full of opportunity and endeavour..

One spare shirt, a carrier bag.. and how to travel light., unless of course, you happen to be travelling for a couple of weeks when perhaps an extra shirt might be required.. Ahh, the lure of natural vitamin D and a day with an extra couple of hours in it..; sigh..

I love the sailing clip (and tune) in Brosnan's Thomas Crown Affair... Wow, that was pretty random.., but hey, oh yes., now where were we..? Hmm., yes..; writing, rambling and posting photos that may 'go' somewhere.., but how do I know where this thing ever goes..?
Love Lucian Freud's stuff..; the texture totally gets me.. The size works too..

"Now that I know what I want, I don't have to hold on to it quite so much.." -Lucian Freud
I prefer the sounds a 6 cylinder makes as opposed to a 4.., enjoy the sparkle a clean car offers up in the daylight.. and I weighed myself yesterday..

A couple of six hour round trip commutes was the order of the past week.. Different roads, a different geography and many different trees..; the trees danced to the tune of the wind, the traffic came to a grinding halt and the time flew by.. an' I'm here, in the now.. 
I guess the journey I've taken during week 7, as shown by the above pics has taken me down a long corridor of sorts.., to a window I can't seem to open, but the view is potentially and wildly fun..

 I sat at a long oval table during the past week., making sure I faced the window, naturally.. and as far from the phone as I could..; it rang of course..

Vaulted ceilings and rooms full of natural light rock.. as do blank canvas' and frames full of signed colour.., but you can keep your coffee..
Back to 7.., the grass.. and opening that window..

Yes, this is mean of me and perhaps confusing to read..; I suspect it doesn't make any sense really to follow.., even possibly kinda crazy., but to me.. and the one or two that understand and know my voice, this is probably pretty clear..? Intonation is everything when added to pace and besides., I could study and turn out Grisham or Brown type words with the whole beginning, middle and end.. With character arcs and grippingly well written and qualified pages.., but those wouldn't be 'thoughts', nor would they be now..; so., let me find a photograph to bring this week to an end point and one that proved my week's journey to find inspiration.. 'Windows', light and 'seeing'..

progress and support..

It's about me maintaining the art of balance while progressing ., as well as understanding the fine lines 'we' walk..; placing my trust in others and not being afraid to hold on. I don't have a view of tomorrow, because it's not 'built' yet,  but the view right now., without windows, is pretty darn wild dude..

Bring on the 8.., 'cause this one is done baby..


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