Friday, 24 March 2017

Another Week 84 - Trump's health care is complicated., apparently., Impressionists., Language., Magnum

and storytelling...


Do be do be do.. an' spring in da hood., baby

target language

The wheels on the bus
all dat

Back to the ole branding and marketing gig.. There are places that have castles, that have great shopping., there are places that have great architecture and there are places that have historical/cultural relevance.; there are even places that are flat., that have great roads to drive..: There are places that have cool gardens., international venues that seduce globally recognized superstar entertainer type people.. There are places that have museums., art galleries., cathedrals., some places are known for their heritage, some for their markets.. and some because hundreds of horses trot through them once a year.. aNd.., some places aren't..

"what goes up., must come down"

Mass Media
Target Audience
Some places have a bunch of enthusiastic 40 something eccentrics surrounded by 'logos'., slogans and groovy Ad language shouting from their boxes stages.. and that seems to work., apparently.; kinda like a poor man's Apple., or Google., but these are hipster FredBet's Bakery types with a boscvegas style

lower case

They seem to have extra whiskers., extra gel and extra manicured eyebrows., they drink tons of coffee and always seem to be in coffee shop meetings.; my guess is that they don't get their wardrobe from Commercial Road either..

words sell
safe and effective

promote website
set up

we can all do 
Tripods., golden hours.. and patient processing.,
and some of us can do a 366 day view of reality

some Eastside places have streets with three pedestrian crossings in them., even a Tesco and a Sainsbury (virtually next door to one another), just to confuse your decision making.; some, if you're lucky., even have a funeral directors sitting prime.. and you can get to enjoy that frontage from the comfort of one of the handfuls of coffee type places. Boots also offers up remedies for those local colds and flu sufferers., there is an ATM.. and the wheels on the yellow 1B 1C bus., stoP there too.. Take home a souvenir from the card shop. or time your visit to coincide with the many "events galore" -  three (that's 3.!) for the year and they're between the end of May to the mid-end of June.., leaving you to enjoy those coffee shops for the whole rest of the 360 days.. You can actually, in fairness catch a ride from the 1935 built 'lift'., when it's working and it's in season..., or simply hang out around the  'caf'.; it's equally exciting

grey day excitement

Coup de gras

east to west
west to east

There's always a walk along the beach
... and I do recommend that

jus' make sure you do it
outta the 6 week summer season
outta Christmas season
away from the half term school holidays
away from the older coach'd arrivals
avoid the air festival
the art house styled safe and sadly repeatedly routine art fest'
go rural

unless of course, you're okey with crowds

bygone era

it does make you wonder how (or why) Mrs.Browns boys gets funding and prime spots



Health Care

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