Friday, 30 January 2015

Another Week 60 - Winter Storm Watch, Chris Laudani, Jose Mujica

Where time stands still..., the light you can't see.. and

of the

The stranger I met
A conversation I had
An appointment
The sky at 4
The perfect parking space I found
The perfect e-mail.; thankyou
A pleasant surprise
I saw 'a cute pair of jeans' out walking

to be

I got my sight
My boots work
my gloves
four season walking socks
base layers
hot water

Technology that works
What's On

Distinguished luminaries who's marketing language incorporates such inspiring and respected words as 'bacon sarnies'  to be found atcha local Business Networking Breakfast .. We do have an actual 'lobster and burger' night to look forward to on the local Events Calendar.. A wedding open day also adds to the difficult 'what to do today ?' question.. Snow White on Ice.?, hmm.., nope.. Thankyou though.. How 'bout 'Birdwatch'..? Looks like another adventurous day  out to see if I can be first in line to press the old crossing lights.. and watch them change.. , although there's also the very mobile coffee shop routine..

performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason
a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices

an' which team would you choose to be on

Routine City
Tradition United

Today I'm Grateful for

nail clippers
Fresh air
Canon glass
Oakley high definition optics
and my belt

your song

Isn't it funny
that feeling inside

Reginald Kenneth Dwight

''Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe''

It can be that (toothbrush kinda) simple

Middle English

tourist boards
and their oft outdated promotional photos

Led Zeppelin IV
shaving gel
This is the thing - My stomach's growling., or sounding like an ice flow., Valenine's Day.. and Facebook goes down., occasionally.., apparently..

Sword of Truth

SO far I've charged my laptop, my phone and my camera batteries.., e-mailed, texted and called/received, lemon showered., waterpik'd., cerealed w/berries., read a couple of online news thingies., caught up on the sports and respectful honourings., marvelled at the social media posts I've mused over., accomplished 200 sit-up crunch deal type do das and digested a bottle + of aqua.; no coffee, no tea.; searched my wardrobe for anything dark, laundered and layerable.., moistened the ole skin., thought of those I don't see, places I'm not at., wondered about this and wondered about that., tied my boot laces., put a note in ma pocket., cleaned my dark glasses and made sure a spare cleaning cloth is ready for the day's journey too.. The sky's checked, the ground's checked.; no headwear needed., gloves checked.., debit/credit cards checked., pen, notepad checked.. Hmm., 'time' difference check.. The trees are a rockin'.., the road's a swishin'... & the day beckons - Sounds and sights baby
Most of ya'll will be asleep (by now) and those who aren't will be working., unless you're in a coffee shop., driving to one., or simply not. 
I'm awake and not in a coffee shop

Single digits - I dreamed last night of an old black briefcase I once owned (an' may even still be around) ... and dreamed I placed two laptops, one in each of the dividers before a journey.. 

The Girl
in the
Striped Top

In order to achieve THE 6 sunshine hours, daily AVERAGE (!), over the six winter months (October-March) we're supposed to have., and during which time the days are actually (and in reality) ONLY showing about 6 hours of yer actual daylight., certainly for November, December and January, dude, means.. I would have to be enjoying all day EVERYday sunshine..! Just one thing., It ain't happening babe..; not even close.. SO., how  DO the weather folk come up with that one..? I suspect the local tourist board/office/council (allegedly) fudge the numbers., a little.. jus' to satisfy the intended and hoped for visitors .. - Just a thought I'd always thought about when returning home., soaked through, frostbitten and windswept
I suppose the sun shines ABOVE the solid bank of grey clouds (somewhere) though..


Another day
another dollar
another ....



a single rose

Thanks this week go/goes to Billie Breland - Alfred Ajani - Hu Huiyuan - Lauren Fern Watt - Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington and Kathy Beitz

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