Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Another Week 59 - Superbowl, Windows 10, Hubble Space Telescope, Flickr and

1 degree
feels like

It sounds like a train's running through the leafless trees
One of those suckers must have strong roots


Paths we take.; some of us go right, some take a left.. for some of us, straight on. Some of us walk, some.. a car.. Some of us run, some don't.. Some of us take a bus, the bus makes lots of stops, or none.. Some prefer a train., a bike.., some have to use a wheelchair.. There are scooters, Boris bikes., planes, trucks.. an' all going places, all going at different speeds., but the majority all get there.. 
What day is it.. ; I know it's a weekday and not Friday., and I know it's not yesterday., but..
Bradshaw's Guide
Miles, Art
wheelie bins

What do we know.. other than we leave footprints in the sand.. I know written words, brush strokes and images speak to my instincts.. and a world without music (too) feels like (I imagine) a life without love.. a life without love would mean a life without even the basics of a hug.. Footprints..; I gotta leave footprints man.. - Imagine a life without oceans, without horizons and without nature.. Brrr., I can't..
Who mailed the first letter
Casual delete
warm July
This trip is all mine
light and shade
There's Led Zep's 'whole lotta love (live, '74 ish)', there's tequila, there's roK and there's roll.; there's a 10 on the volume control and there's sunshine, horizons and there's an ''oh yeah.. uh''... 
The correct mix around a Sunday table full of food totally works for me man.. as does a good ole relaxed bit of conversation ..; innocent miracles of life only add to the equation..
I don't sleep with 'window coverings' because I love to wake up to natural light (as soon as there is any).,  aNd I get to see any starry starry night skies when I finally crash..., an' whenever possible... So I wake up this morning to a 'pinkish' sunrise and my immediate thought goes something like this.., ''mmmm ;) ''..., 'cause I kinda like how the sky  can make me smile  (from the insides) when it looks like that... I then make it to the window and look out to see cars covered in ice frost which then reminds me just how much I'm going to look forward to my eventual shower.(!).. and the multiple layers I'm gonna walk around in today.. Now., by the time it gets to 10 am..., the frost has now been replaced by grey clouds and sky AND rain.. The interior lights are ON and I can't tell you just how excited I am by the way the day's looking..- The week.. and how a moment can alter a mood.. I guess it just goes to show how fragile sensitive fragile I am..

wine in boxes

every year an 'average' of 750,00 ice-creams are bought on the seven miles of this seafront
Sadly there are no souvenirs left to brag about of The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Hendrix (YES., Mr. James M. Hendrix)., The Stones., Joy Division.. or Marvin Gaye's visits here to The Gardens..
., but thank God for Russell-Cotes, Obscura Cafe .,  Ludo Lounge and S & D Leisure. . - 
U  guys roK
for the 185,0o0

''The Value of Arts and Culture
People and Society''


''critically represent an investment in our quality of life''

''enriching our emotional world''

Gone Hiking
casey lyons

Niche - ''An art film is "intended to be a serious artistic work, often experimental and not designed for mass appeal"; they are "made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit", and they contain "unconventional or highly symbolic content"'..


what do your eyes say



for another few days

at least


Thanks this week go/goes to - Ezzie Richey, Al Archie, Cassidy Huff, Central Park, Shubham Banergee, EnChroma, Mason Wartman and Fu's pup

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