Monday, 5 January 2015

Another Week 57 - Getaways, Galleries, Culture



Misty for me - Frosty mornings and crunchy grass., wet wellies and dogs eating bones.. Prying open car doors, toast and early pics.. Two pairs of socks., gloves and a warmed up buff.. Tea., underfloor heating and agas.. Dishwashers, big ass'd heavy curtains and a hot shower.. How my day Sunday began

Christmas sweaters

A lil bit of music., planes going somewhere and memories of an event.. I must plug in the tech' machines for charging purposes..  And about August.., I'm there.. baby.. - The fire's NOT lit an' the tree ain't on but the daytime room oozes a festive spirit.. Baubles, candles, cards and distant murmurings.. and it's how my day's looking., so far..
I like this chair 
Footsteps and Thoughts
Where have all the chocolates gone.? Puzzles., cushions and lists .. Muswell Hill., movies & friends.. - New beginnings, great memories and the adventures continue.. - Balderdash, red vino., roaring log fires and side splitting laughter is where the day's frosty beginnings progressed to evening.. Why are fire flames so hypnotic., calming.. and warm..

I dragged the two bare Christmas trees (one at a time) a few hundred yards across gardens, down paths and into a field., immediately after one of the two black Labs dragged me round same said field on the end of a lead.. One minute it's the holidays., the next., it isn't.. - Where have all the mince pies., Christmas cakes and nutcrackers gone..

''scenes from my life''

Today I experienced rudeness (after I politely asked ''excuse me'') and was neither expecting it., or prepared for the response..; I was shocked.. - It's now dark and., I'm listening to Richard Bona - Eyando - Manyaka O Brasil.. after taking in Amos Lee's Jesus., as recorded on the Transatlantic Sessions.. - 'people' hide., and Nivea ain't the same as Banana Boat.. Underground parking is way more sociable when the weather's 'ropey'..

Time stood still

Transfer News
Charlie Brown

 Kitchen Islands - 1950's jazz albums., thankyou cards and ginger beer - Watch The Theory of Everything., because I said so. 


sometimes it's simply ''cause'

Maybe it's the weather
Maybe it's the day
Maybe it's the shower
Maybe it's where you left the key

It's just ''cause'


Leaving fresh footprints


To journeys
new adventures


Eat That Toad

Thanks this week go/goes to - Shirley Ratliff - Tom Goethals - Penny - Lauren Hill - Marc Daniloff - Nissa Ellet - Menelik Watson - Nate Dreyfus - Santa Claus and weekends

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