Thursday, 12 November 2015

Another Week 66 - Country Walking, Christmas Markets, Magnum

what's on your grocery list

There are places
& there are
places and people
This is a place
tweed and cords
pints and secondhand smoke
charity shops and rain
coffee shops and benches
and ill placed fences

sez wha.?

Social media politicians
social media religious leaders
vintage social media literary geniuses
are all bringing it

''the first draft of anything is shit''
so 'draft' again

puh leez

''that deaf dumb and blind kid'' and English style envy..; I can live without long ass'd sentences., Strictly and pies.., but I can't live without colour., light or truth..- can't live with rudeness, while we're on the subject.., or unpunctuality.., or loudness.., or repetitive sh*t..; but bring out the open windows, fresh air and a gloveless day.. an' I'm all in.., baby..

Tea Bags

Wandering  my local 185k inhabited place., it's the foil and tupperware I notice., along with a lot of 'sitting down' type action..; people sit down a lot here.. FACT.. 
.. but., I guess, if you don't sit down, you'll keep spilling all your tea..  
When I walk round the corner,, the one dude screams like he's in some kind of major pain.; then I realize, it's one of the kaHzillion 'homes' around these here parts.. It's either a case of the screams.,, the scooters or Amy Whitehouse..

and really., what's the borish deal with those squareish yellow type things with big eyes.. I saw a whole bunch of clouds.., surfer dudes and even a helicopter..; truly edge of the seat stuff.. I took someone's photo.. and opened a door.. I was also so long in the hospital that the car park's barrier was 'up' giving me a free day.. 
Totally edge of the seat stuff..

Foot Care

While I didn't snowboard, I did cause quite a splash.; I also walked over 1,001 hidden horse chestnuts which, if you've never placed your foot repeatedly over a mile's worth of horse chestnuts, you won't get what the experience is like..  However, I could throw in the avenue that gets me to the ocean and you'd get to enjoy just how much fun treading a mile of saturated leaves offers up.. 
The hidden treasures of rooted paths., conkered paths and twisted ankles are there for the taking

How can a washing machine take so long.. and wanting something that I don't really want. 

Do we really like damp towels and 9x9s... do we really like rooms with an after thought 'window' in them., just because it means (?) another room.. and why wouldn't we make sure there's a heater.. where it should be.. Wardrobes.., closets and cereal.., man.. and why does the inside of my right ear itch.. and then again., why do I get a shiver down my spine..

Here's to spring

I think I'm going to survive without Downton..; some links don't need sharing.. and even the trees look kinda sad..
what goes up., must come down
spinning wheel got to go round
City Calling
Happy Birthday

Northern Iceland
What time's dinner.. and what time's early for dinner.. I think 5.45pm is way early.. At some point the mirror should tell ya what I could.. that those skinny jeans ain't happenin'., which., as we know, is tough to take.. and more so because they're everywhere., man.., but geesh., dude.., hang 'em up.. and walk away.. 
call me crazy
I love to see
people happy and succeeding
Life is a journey
a competition


''we were running against the wind''

Thanks this week go/goes to - Jenny Ingram - Kevin Houston - Jake Bailey - Alysun Ogilby - Tim Medvetz and Ho Hum

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