Friday, 20 March 2015

Another Week 62 - Eclipses., X-T1 + 50-140mm f2.8 WR OIS glass

Suspension Bridges
for friends

TV commercials., Bolton and Superdrug means ''places., rolling aND ACTION..; cut, places..''., but not before the Toll.. All great fun and double decker crew catering in a car park.. One way systems and 'with your long blond hair and ya eyes of blue..'
The dog chewed my shoes., 'something tells me you're the devil's daughter'.. and a visit to NEXT to check out bulbs.. I vacummed my car., shook my head and picked up a basket of goodies from Sainsbury's..

Back passes

There's an airport to throw £2.50 at.., 'where have all the good times gone.' ..; pasties., pasties and multi stories.. Hollywood Boulevard and how to make a giant choc' chip cookie - rambling, random and distracting thoughts..
Babies, acting and the Chelsea FC game against PSV.. The 50's and 60's whole English language deal thing certainly isn't a Spring like day.. Oh em gee.!

8 shillings

Clarkson's an absolutely total Richard.. while 10 year old kids should be encouraged to be 10.. 'All the old places look different now..' - Innovators and competition

Spring Dawn
'sunshine of your love'

opening your eyes to a sunrise has got to be it
behind the electric gates are rabbits
pheasants and the Isley Brothers
The gardeners are here
I ended up flat on my back
the mat's chewed
Movie time and another airport

Trolls' Path

Some wordy edited social media posts make me wanna throw up.. - Well., I'm trying my best to watch Comic Relief., but man.., English humour is an oxymoron..

Sitting on a sofa made for three
shirt tucked in
the suburbs


1,000 Time Good Night's opening '10/15' minutes or so are about as tense as I've seen.. Trial by speed camera.. and what's with Madonna.., the singer type person.

City of Night

not all those who wander

the old guitarist

Wear it Right

There are many different types of lapels.., but above all., get your suit tailored.. - Apparently ''shedding' seaside resort image'' means possibly eating your aluminium wrapped cheese sandwiches out of your plastic tuperware container while sitting in your parked car., or while sitting on a bench.. in between rolling up your cigarette unless of course, you've got your hands full of the 'world's best fish and chips.!'..; pasties count too, as does ice cream.. The main thing is that you've got some kind of food, cigarette or alcohol based receptacle in your hands.. Sticks, frames or coin collectives can add to the creative image but only if you have some kind of fence., or scaffolding pieces of metal about your person.. CCTV's, poles, signs 'not to' frame the image and impression perfectly and are ALL welcome

''Cast your mind back ten years
To the girl who's next to me in school
If I put me hand upon her leg
She hit me with a rule
*Though tomorrow won't be long
You're gonna have to play it cool
You get fascinated by her
She could set the place on fire
**Run and get the fire brigade
Get the fire brigade
See the buildings start to really burn
Get the fire brigade
Get the fire brigade
If you jump you've got to wait your turn
Friends all seem to laugh
I fear I'm apt to make a compromise
Try to reassure myself
My head must need some exercise
Half past ten in the morning
She just took me by surprise
True she set the place on fire
You get fascinated by her
The lights across the street throw a rainbow
I'd love you all to meet her
I'll be there, I'll be there
Notice that my eyes have been
A misty place since Saturday
Brings a feeling we might lead
The fire engines anyway''

Fire Brigade
The Move

Things to do
For March, we have Swans and a scones walk
April has the annual Duck Race
and several Bowling opening days
May's got even more bowling opening days.; contact Peter or Maureen for details
June however has a Twilight walk (for women)
a tea dance

Creative Flockers Unite
thanks to


Shame shame shame on you
If you can't dance too
Shirley and Company

The eclipse happened., apparently, although I couldn't be sure.. My gloves are being worn intermittently., my hamstring's still tight and narcissism.., again


I love every moment
24 hours a day

Thanks this week go/goes to - You and Social Media stories

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