Friday, 15 May 2015

Another Week 64 - Lands End to John O'Groats, Adventure, Translators and Film..

The In Crowd

And I know what the 'In' crowd knows
I think

From a comfortable and anti-social sociable distance.. I mean, who writes this stuff.., ''whilst.!''..? - I'm so sad for the One Direction dude who split from his girlfriend.., cough, splutter..- 'Kanye' and Glast'., choke.. I just received a welcome surprise., thankyou..

Role models - and I see that Stevie G's 'heat map' offered less than 60 seconds of intense halfway line action.. 'SkurrTul's' a gonna too..  - streaming a bit of Radio Caroline is leaving this ole boat a rockin'.. I still couldn't tell ya one artist, painting or piece of Russ' hangings.. I've got bass in my head after Motorhead and Girlschool.. Amateur hour..

Revolution's Never Going To
I'm feeling a road trip.. ''let me put you in the picture'' ., 

Apotheosis - eyebrows, blueberries and Canon..; I've completed a 'traffic awareness course', 'cause I'm fast., baby.. apparently, by 6 miles an hour over a length of road that amounts to a mere  ONE hundred meters..!
body confidence
The clock.; don't forget..  jeremy paxman and campaigns.. My mouth's dry and my toes are cold.., man.. A bird just flew by the window & basic instruction manuals are so interesting.; I'm completely gripped, fascinated and yawn., on the edge of my seat.. Enthusiastic teachers are worth their weight in gold..

Time Warp

.. somewhere over the rainbow.. and it's only a matter of time., apparently.. I don't get the whole TV gig thing..; i guess it's all kinda white noise to me.. The Poldark deal is best left for those who sit and watch..; I'm heading to the gym where I can scratch my head, refasten my shoe laces.., pull my socks up.. and stuff.. It's funny how some productions can take you back in time and transport ya, while others simply look, sound, written and acted leaving you under no illusion they are being produced in the here and now..
''Aha., this is my Graceland''

Sad Cafe
''I saw the lamp light from your window''

You know., I just can't go there.; I guess I've just shut the blinds on that part.., but what is it about certain tunes., certain times..!

Historic Places

.. and streets full of row after row of terrace houses., two up two down.., wheelie bins by the front doors., 6x8 box rooms., if you're lucky.. and galley kitchens..; cool baby..

an ageing population
desire to be Prime Minister

Rough times in north Ayrshire

I didn't realise just how many social media politicians and social media spiritual leaders I know



A.N. Other

in collaboration

A.N.  Ordinary Guy

This 'road to hell' trip north took twice as long as the last one south..

Be calm

It's only another one



Thanks this week go/goes to - British Airways - Magnum - Fujifilm - BB King - Somerset House and Buckton Vale Primary School


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