Friday, 13 December 2013

Another Week 47 - Michael Schumacher, Laurence of Arabia, Way of St.James, The Big Freeze, The Ashes and


I'm feelin' a trip coming on.. and as much as I don't like flash & tripods, I'm thinkin' 'flash and tripods'.., damn it..  I'm inspired..

Making an Effort
A day wandering the streets of London while taking in the river on a sunny Autumn day kinda works it's magic., if that stuff rocks your boat.. Spontaneous  and adventurous company with accents who're always up for traveling and checking in also add to the whole deal too..- #danke mein freund

Trains., gardens and #Art., or Blackfriers., Covent and the Tate.. Guards with fluffy things on their heads and shiny boots on their feet clomping  marching through courtyards.. and just how do those horses stay so still..! It seems that everyone in the entire world has either a Canon or Nikon and/or an iPhone..
Check out St.James' Park.. and make sure you turn around. The Tate's having some work done in the Hall and Tanks which kinda sucked as I love that place..; the ice rink at #Somerset House did it's stuff though.., fortunately..

 The All Blacks

 There was a full train.. and ticket for the England v All Blacks the next day..  After joining following England's team bus being escorted by two police riders on the commute in., one couldn't help noticing that the car park was full of Range Rovers., tables packed with food, while the glass wielding spectators sipped  their beverages with some degree of style, before the yelling an' cheering began.. The anthem was chillingly loud and  emotionally patriotic., the fireworks.. explosive.. and the company fun.., but man, those seats ain't made for anyone over 150lbs and 5'7".. The cute blonde NZ fan infront of me was getting slowly hammered on her several half bottles of white.. and her angelic southern hemisphere'd voice soon showed signed of a different kinda language, providing me with even more to smile about.. I had a beer an' Devine Burger before resting my ass on the S-line sports seats back to bass  camp..

Now., here's the deal., man.. What's a guy to do when it's cold enough to freeze a man's change together.. This morgen I got all my layers on.. and headed out feeling snug, smug and pretty damn good.. I was warm, IT was dreary  and bitterly cold., man.. within ten minutes I was moaning the fact that I hadn't got my dark glasses.. and within 15 minutes I was happy I hadn't, but bloody upset I hadn't grabbed an umbrella... Yep, three seasons in 15 minutes., but, but that wasn't all.. Once 'you're' all wrapped up, whatya got to do when you've got to hit a store..! One step inside and those damn blowers/heater thingies are hitting you with 80 degree blasts., dude.. SO, I'm cold, then wet., now I'm being blow dried dry again.. I've wrapped up in my thermals and mountaineering gear + four season socks only to be wandering the store where they're got the bloody heating on 85 degrees !.. Ya dress for what weather., what climate..! NOT funny., NOT impressed.. and I'm confused.. I still don't know what kinda wardrobe one's gotta decide on..

Ok., I'm kinda cool that you may feel the NEED to mail me a whole bunch of spam crap.. an' if it's what you've gotta do to make a living, then fill it doing negative stuff if you must, jus' sayin'., but hey., I'm deleting it all unread, unopened, FYI.. I was just wondering if you might reconsider though and NOT continue mailing it to me..; of course, only if you don't mind that it.. - Loser..


The novelty's over



The Good-natured Realist


my 47's

dun an' dusted


"Everything is dust in the wind"



I'm outta ear


but really
what appears the more fun


Thanks this week go/goes to New Zealand - All Blacks - Twickenham - Big Ben - Covent Garden - 461 Ocean Boulevard - iPersonic and BLAH

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