Saturday, 9 November 2013

Another Week 44 - #Biggie, #thelostalbum, #Street., #photojournalism, #reportage and #film

Soul.. man

Single Digits

The sun's flooding the study leaving some funky shadows all over the desk I've got my elbows resting on.., the ride on lawn mower is being ridden and I'm twirling my black inked uni-ball sigNO RT  0.7 around my right index finger and thumb.., thinking..  an' all while gazing across the fields.. The tree swing is gently rocking from the bare old tree and the couple of clouds mean I get to enjoy the color of blue that rocks my nature loving insides.. 
There's an opened spiral backed book with visible musical notes scribbled on the curling pages leaning against the keyboard stand thingy..  , while on the other side of me is the white Fender waiting for at least one of it's six strings to be bent.. There are a couple of medals  for athletic achievements hanging around too.. Twirl, twirl., twirl...

Cafe Wha ?
Sept' '66
I just opened a green hardback book at page 325.., read the fourth line of  text.. I was 'presented' with this book on the 13th July, 1970..-  I'm in kinda shock as I've accidentally come across something that could be considered a sign of sorts.. and a sign that I can't (and won't) share..; I'd normally share stuff like this with 'the' persons I know., but I'm sorta, kinda outta the loop.., so I'll simply have to sit on it.. I guess that means the sign will just 'fizzle'.. , but man.., if ya only knew.. I'll go over it a couple more times in order to digest and memorize the moment..

I'm now surrounded by a handful of old books, all in outstanding condition 'cause I look after my books.. man dude.. As a result of opening a few old pages I've learned something I didn't know until just a couple of minutes ago..; I love learning stuff..- Funny how opening a few pages can transport you.. Old books have 'that' smell (and story) about them too...

Right an' Wrong

I set up and moved some lights around last night., adjusted them too..
There was a case of stairs., chairs
and runners

Goin' Down Slow

I just hope the roof's sealed and secure.. A few push ups, sit ups, stretches, twists and I'll check again for who painted 'The Red Umbrella'.. I know it's not a Van Gogh, Picasso., Matisse, Gauguin..; I know it's not Vermeer., Miro or Dali.., but I do know it's been painted in the last 'few' years.., an' I like it.. It kinda reminds me of the little girl's (Oliwia Dabrowska) scene in "Schindler's List"..
Can 'we' offer up a note of some kind when 'we' send in requests., please., 'cause otherwise, they fall on deaf ears..;  To be honest wit ya., I just don't like being considered a number..
Back to the umbrella.., soggy leaves.., puddles.. and drips that run down the back of your neck.., although my guess is that you're sat drinking tea somewhere regularly & habitually checking your iPhone screen out..


Spoken and written by oneself as opposed to those by someone else..
..'cause i can

"The rain sounds like rushing water
I was just wondering how you were are
What leaves there are, are drained of color and life
I can see the pale blue balcony furniture
while I wonder how you are
   The telephone rings., the garage door remains open
I still wonder how you are"

Wondering how you are

What  maketh da man (?) man..; riding a Harley while dressed in leathers and denim perhaps., off-roading in the mud and over rocks., bungee jumping, sky-diving., tackling a croc'., spittin' while scratching his crotch., cussing., knowing how to attach a shelf to a wall or perhaps changing a plug.. or  (maybe !) simply (maybe) able to share the truth of what beats within., while acknowledging the power of art.. I feel strong.. man... an' all I know a little of is paint (and it's texture), words, sounds, shape., light and the moment..; no mud and scratching an itchy effing crotch or spittin' for me.. baby..
 Apparently, it feels like 7., which made me think of The Prisoner.. (even though he was 6) .., which then made me think of a Caterham, which then made me think of geography (and places)., which in turn made me think of ... the sun's just hit the leaves leaving me to think about getting out and sucking in some fresh air., baby..

I saw an ice rink being put together ., bumped into a friend on a lunch mission.; I was approached and asked to take a photo, which I naturally did and with great pleasure.; I saw a light, a cross., listened to a young and cute classical singing busker who gained applause for her operatic street contribution.. After a few weeks 'on tour', I'm back in the land of the Big Issue.., and YES, I was asked.. Dark glasses really do work (?)!., 'cause when I'm NOT in 'em., I'm not (apparently) the ogre I am when in 'em..; I'm obviously one scary assed 158lbs of lean mean wearing Oakley's machine.. : buT., but., I need to be able to see.. man.. Focus dude..

Geez., 'we' do write some crap for those social media folk junkies who claim NOT to spend their time doing social media type stuff because they're "far too busy"..  We've become experts in our chosen subjects., more commonly (and better) known (to me though) as just having 'an opinion'.. an' as UNqualified as I am.. AND admit to being. It IS just a lame opinion, unless of course you're adding 1+1.,  which will naturally make 2; that's of course, a fact..; a simple fact..!

 Off to see what daily grime I can get stuck in the grips of my soles..


It's always good to get out despite having to wear my gloves for the first time in a while .. I bumped into a couple of warm, smiley hugs and a friendly invitation somewhere close to the top of the hill..; quite a few bits of news was exchanged before finding a warm seat at the top of the escalator and carrying on with the ole newsy thing. Great and fun company rocks man.. I learned stuff, smiled AND slurped a small pot of Earl Grey in the process..

I also eventually learned that I missed a call and message, but fortunately when I realised, looked and checked, I found that there was another invite to rock 'n' roll.. I'm on it and all over it and will be ready for 10.oo am baby..
Fireworks are going off.., STill..

The Stealer

"The sun was shining
The world was right
I said "tell me baby wha'cha doin' tonight"
I'm goin' round the corner
where the music's loud
I'm tired of the city
won't you come on round
I said yeah!"


I finished off the daylight hours today by climbing a few outdoor stone stairs  steps that sadly lead me away from the horizon..

I just sneezed

An' 44's a done deal


It's a remarkable journey

Social Change
Documenting it

Thanks this week go/goes to James Brown - Honey Lantree - Colgate - Movember - Marshall Shaffer - Jessica Biel - Gravity and Met Office

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