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Image 52 - Week 4. The Legacy., a million., or integrity.?

For some, blogs could be a way of sharing a family story., of travel, the latest consumer goods or political rant among other things.. and 'perhaps', for me , this  week's Image 52 blog will be about revealing.; perhaps it won't read that way,  but it's coming from 'that place', so this week I'm going to start testing my library for simple candids... and bring it right down to basics...

Jus' a lil friend

GOALS, choices , and reasons.


I’ve heard all the ‘thoughts’, seen the ‘looks’, met suspicion in the eye 
Love my friends and how they see me.
and seriously, who really cares.(?), I know I’m private to some, even, ‘funnily enough’ to me,. a little mysterious and yet here I am revealing aspects of myself for the zillion international followers stopping by Image 52 to follow this awful  showing of grammar and over-the-top punctuation..; however, it’s about my journey and for that, I don’t consider myself as being ‘that’ private or mysterious, however, I am selective in who I share stuff with, so be warned..
On here.!”, I hear you mumble., but in actual fact, there are only two friends reading this stuff; hi guys ;) ! 

Ahh, maybe someone will stop by and, accidentally read from time to time, but then they're most likely going to be strangers who have no clue as to the sound of my voice and other than a tiny pic, of which could be anyone incidentally, I’m a total unknown average kinda person.... Do I have an accent, even the use of both legs.? How tall am I, and what do I eat for breakfast.?    Who knows and who cares.., so, this is going to get kinda personal ., I just hope  I can find one or two inspirational images to share with you and  ones of which paint a picture of a life that I think can be inspiring and especially after the last week's contribution full of anger.; no sales, no travel blog, no posting pics of ‘things’., just a personal and reflective view of a life.. and of one totally average caricature.. You know what (?), I’m comfortable with that., ‘cause I’m choosing and am still selective an’ in charge.. 

An event's first impression and mine
 Goals.. and what are goals..? For some they hope they are something their team scores in.; ‘in’ (?)., . For others they maybe a destination of sorts, a parachute jump or learning a new language, even a great marguee 'logo'. to park in your drive. ; what happens when you’ve scored, have no desire to jump out of a plane and been to paradise.? New goals I suspect.., which brings me to ‘me’ and my goals.. Number one goal.. and my list contains a search for quality and depth..; quality in people., actions., sounds and images.. Other goals are to locate and embrace integrity, sincerity.., trust.. Ahh, not the goals you may find exciting, romantic or financially rewarding..; for you it maybe that new job, shiny car, holiday destination., or a pair of white gloves providing a level of hospitality, but for me, ‘done that and have the t-shirt’ to prove it.., although (me thinks), there are obviously more places to see.., but really, that moment (or place) may never come, so it’s a case of finding a closer goal for me.., a person of their word.. Deep stuff eh., no s*#t.. 

Depth, quality and style..?
Images to indicate and prove this..? Gotta love this weeks search for inspiration H.., but hey, I’m on it this time.

Hey., kinda off the subject, but I just remembered that I put up a fence many years ago and quite by accident, saw it recently, still standing too.. A wall eh..! Imagine me responsible for putting up a wall AND it’s still there.. Ahh., analogies.
Fact and true story and lends itself to remind me that I need to stop by occasionally in order to see whether the ole walls need fixing., or addressing..

This is heavy  and intense dude..

.. and it did judging by the real estate
I used to drive to a P.O. Box and regularly pick up a blue envelope which eventually seduced me with suggestions of a new beginning.. I wish I were still picking up that blue envelope.. Damned if you do., damned if you don’t.., but that grass man., was greener..; so the goal, the goal is to instinctively journey forward and seek new adventures.., new blue envelopes., new P.O. Boxes..
This.., or..
 I saw daily signs, have experienced a fantastic and surreal journey., so far and am proud to claim a balance., inspite of those 'experiences'. 

this.... and this IS different by the way..
Choices..; I've made my decisions based on those choices, but I've looked for and 'ridden' them in order to make my decision. Would we make the same ones again..? Absolutely.; I'm here to share, which means I have to divulge 
images that mean something to me and ones I've managed to keep hidden and outta site man..; but now it's time to slowly show another world.. and one that may act as inspiration for someone.

I stood while enjoying my commute on the ferry one day trying to offer up a distance to a couple obviously argueing and then looked around my paradise and was again reminded of the choices we have., to stay or to go, to look or to ignore.; people fight even in paradise and they are faced with the same choices.., but one thing that's quite apparent, is my commute at the moment was by far superior and more memorable to any other I used to take.. and I embraced that everytime.. 
Even in paradise.

and here were two people fighting... when all around the moment., time lost for ever .

Balance., awareness., goals..

Yep., I suppose you could question my goals, but hey.., do you have that cap or lanyard (?), 'cause I do.. 

I am trying to go somewhere with this, but not sure yet, so hang in there baby..

Keeping it casual and low key for this image
Fun effort and memory that started a line/queue and attempts by other visitors to replicate something I created., means it must have been inspiring to a coach full of camera carriers.., yet all it was was a moment infront of a lifesize photograph. Strange where inspiration comes from and when..

 This week 4's effort could go on and on without finding a suitable ending, but I have a feeling it will only open the door to further revealing stuff...
I'm thinking of wrapping this thing up and saving all this poor grammar from becoming overload, but not before I find the missing piece that represents what I've been trying to find..

Inspiration can come from an international leader., a shiny new car, a standard  and quality of event, a destination as I've shared above .; perhaps from a friend or seeing how it shouldn't be done in public., but when the ^#t lady sings., it all comes down to something really quite personal.. and what's personal and inspirational to me is., or was... this gate and entrance to privacy... and which stood less than 100 paces from a harbour I love.

Home., first impressions.. and without a dog..

Home.. home, is my inspiration this week.. and with that.., I'm breaking  it down to basics, keeping it simple and going to retreat to my place.. As 'they' say., 'home is where the heart is'.. and I heart home..

Stairway to Simplicity..

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned".

1. Maya Angelou

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