Friday, 6 January 2012

IMAGE 52 - Week 1. An Ocean Moment

The title's a work in progress

"The Answer to the Great Question…Of Life, the Universe and Everything…Is…42" (1)

Hmm., the beginning of a new year and new project.
‘Oh dear’., me thinks with an internal smile and er, erm., words and sentiments to that effect.; Image 52 will now grant me the opportunity to capture a ‘something’ and post it on here in the hope that it acts as a piece of inspirational art.; wow., such  a responsibility, when all I know is that  it will allow me to share a simple moment that spoke to me and more than likely changed my mood and certainly satisfies my need to ‘climb a new mountain’..; this particular personal mountain is to reveal ‘ little more of a daily moment that meant something to me. A moment that will offer the likely ‘one’ follower/reader to learn more about the ramblings of an enthusiastic arts supporter. Sounds kinda dangerous to me.., sounds kinda fun.; so let’s see how this thing develops.

Well., hi...; I’m me and me is just a regular, average wannabee and passionate life fan. I wander the day armed with a compact digital camera, notepad and often, but not always, my functioning mind.. and all in search for what maybe a new moment that will positively affect my way of thinking, which is where IMAGE 52 comes in and kinda offers me the chance to satisfy that particular instinctive trait I possess.. How can I profess to keeping ‘it’ simple when I admit to these complexities.?
Now., also., I should reveal, the usual doubts arise., can I find the correct shape and size ‘canvas’, or subject to begin with.., what color do I look for and just WHAT will the subject be anyway..? In truth, my personality doesn’t naturally work that way, the way of planning my ‘creativity’ is kind of a no no with me, so I have no clue when I step outside whether I’ll find something that inspires me, all I do know is that I will experience a second that will affect me in some way... and that’s how I approach my ‘art’..; open to the moment., however, to accompany that sense of excitement, is the all too familiar anxiety that has reared up.., ’doubts’.. You see, I also know I’m not qualified., never have been infact.; I’m just more qualified than I have been, but accept that I’m not going to be., ever qualified.. Wow.. and this is supposed to be a creative thing.. Do others torture themselves before throwing paint onto their canvas’.?

Perhaps I need to lighten up and just ‘do it’., but as laid back as I believe I am, I also take this ‘life’ gig kinda seriously.; I’m a deep soul, so when my finger finally leaves the shutter and I put my lil’ ole camera back in it’s pouch I know that I actually felt the subject.,  truly felt it, otherwise, what's the point.? I know that my insides chose that particular thing to shoot.. and I hopefully have a moment saved for ‘my’ memory.. Isn’t that what ‘documenting’ is.? and besides, I was asked, invited to put my name to this project and I like the whole idea of seeing whether I have a ‘character arc’ that proves itself over the coming year..

Ahh., the image., the image..?  So, what have I taken that represents my thoughts so far.? Dang it.., now my  mind is hitting all sides of my brain, bouncing off the insides of my head..; like a pair of eyes blindfolded and thrust into a darkened room, I feel unable to focus, to see.. and that’s where the whole self doubt comes into play AGAIN., damn it.. I hope this means I’m an artist of sorts, but there again, do other artists have doubts.? To me, they just seem to pick up a brush, a pen and make the thing ‘dance’ with a mere balletic, definitely romantic piece of instinctive and seductive act, while I clumsily stumble with fears about revealing the very thing I love.., ‘life’; bah., it’s how I see it.. and I see a sunrise, the gulls are waking for a new day, the sounds coming from the road indicates a new day for the commuters and here I am warming up my mind.
I feel the ocean  today.; to me it’s wild, furious and dark., mysterious, cold, calm, warm, silent.., it roars, it crashes and yet, despite it all, it’s full of contrasts which is totally seductive and inviting to me..; so that’s where I’m going to make my start.. I’m going to share a ‘pic’ of the ocean..  The ocean speaks to me., it speaks loudly, passionately and no matter where I am around an ocean, I can see an horizon., a place where the earth meets the sky., no matter where I am around an ocean, I feel nature is telling me something..; probably telling me to stop this rambling on here, but hopefully reminding me to take a breath, enjoy the journey and take in the moment.

Live the balance dude. 

'But I don't want to go among mad people,' remarked Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat, 'we're all mad here. You're mad.' 'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice. 'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here..' (2)

Life and it’s routines throw up a similar daily repetition and like the ocean it can appear the same, but when I look closely., more closely, I never see the same ocean and never have the same minute.., so it’s going to be the ocean; yep., I’ve decided.., BUT., how can I make a statement and leave a moment when there are so many types of ocean moments..? Bah., this is tough already.. ;) I saw and tried walking in a strangers sandy footprints while walking the beach yesterday thinking about this and after a handful of steps, couldn’t keep up with them..; they (the strangers footprints) made me think that while there are similar ‘prints’ in life., we all have our own path to follow and so I gave up trying to keep up with a stranger who’s similar footprints didn’t fit my own journey and continued onwards creating a new adventure.. and this starting point, the first of my contributions is going to be the ocean.. and as familiar as the ocean is to everyone, it's personal to me..

S'cuse me., but hey..

“A day without sunshine is like, you know., night.” (3) 

Phew..; I’m sooo going to need to go back, read and edit this thing before publishing and that’s another darn thing I’m not good at..; I love rambling, telling stories.; I have so many to tell, but once I’ve reread my scribbling, I know I'll edit and edit and before I know it, I’ll have lost the instinctive thoughts that have inspired me in the first place. ..AND besides, I'm so NOT a writer., damn it.. ; ok now, where’s that image..?

Oh.. and hi., welcome and let’s see where this ride takes us..; please excuse the questionable grammar you’ll see, any spelling errors and consider this an instinctive rambling that accompanies a photo that simply inspires me to keep it simple, enjoy the ride and all while maintaining the balance..
"There's no retirement for an artist, 
it's your way of living so there's no end to it." (4)

 Quotes: (1) Douglas Noel Adams - (2) Lewis Carroll - (3) Steve Martin - (4) Henry Moore

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