Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Another Week 70 - Trump., POTUS., Brexit and

Irritating and lame opinions
that's my opinion

52 degrees

Nope., no need for any UV protection., again
It's only summertime

  • Today
    It will be a grey start to the day with outbreaks of mostly light rain throughout. The rain will ease for many into the afternoon but the winds will be strong, perhaps with coastal gales.
    Patchy but persistent rain will continue tonight. Away from the coast it will become drier towards dawn as the winds ease.

    British showers - Privacy Checkup and custom settings..



Hmm., is ole Don the Trump., for real.? and 'we' like him., for erm, what (?), exactly..





Notifications., and big houses., long assed drives and sticking to facts.. Why do 'people' feel the need.. Empathy, understanding and open ness.  

Apparently aesthetics only work the one way., or the way to suit.. Noises, sounds, speeches., chaos, jeers.. and content., only work 'the one way'..!  Confrontation only works when it suits.. and politics stinks.., but only as bad as social media posts left by unqualified opinion ists..; let's stick to facts.. and the fact is.., or the facts are.., the sun is shining.., I planted some bluebells.. and I cut some hedges., man..


rubbish and the inability to walk to a bin., or put it into a bag and why do we simply leave it, walk away and not think anything about our actions.. Well., it's really obvious and quite simple really..; we just don't care or give a monkey about others.. I know, lets just put a wind-breaker up., ignore our neighbours and leave sh*t for others to deal with.. We're ignorant, uncaring., selfish., defensive and love Dick Emery, brass bands., 'Free' rainbows and Trump rallies.., we love safe routines and town centre blahZ..; we love faded deck chairs., beer and cruise ship quality entertainment.. aNd we love this because., because it's easy., man.. and we like easy because., because we don't have to actually 'think'.. It's easy like a Sunday morning., it's easy like taking candy from a baby., it's easy like 123... It's easy like a blue flag beach and like an archaic council., it's easy like faith no more..

Try being a minority
I'm a minority
I'm a white male., a straight white male., a straight white male 'over 21'.., a straight white male over 21 who cares.. and I'm admitting this because I've never waved a flag and shared this before.. 

I also don't watch reality., or listen to reality if it comes via prime-time TV .. I wear jeans and don't use hair gel.; I'm a man who doesn't 'thread' his eyebrows., or shave his legs.. I'm a minority.. I'm under 6' and read more than one newspaper for my news.. I also take in more than one type of television news coverage and reporting styles.. Yep., I'm a minority.. I have a faith and I observe and respect other faiths.. I loathe and can't understand Dr.Who's cultishness ness.., or people who think its the bees knees..; I don't do eccentricities., shorts with jackets.., I don't do niceties for the sake of popularity or likes.. and I don't enjoy throwing firecrackers into a fire for sport or debate.. Yeah baby, I'm a minority.. - I'm a straight white male over 21 who cares.. and really., who cares..

heartbeats - 
It really doesn't matter (to me) how big the house is., if it's dark., it's dark., man.. and if it's dark., I don't do it well.. Zeros only work for those who live by their naughts.. and I don't live by numbers.. 
what is ignorance
what is naivety
what is patience
what is time
why do we take

e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and The Daily Mail
preaching from the pulpit., the soapbox
violence., weapons., suits and decisions.. Power.,. control., weakness and fear..
The End
The Doors

sharing the ride

Go see All or Nothing
go walk
go listen
carry a backpack
breath and observe
hit a tennis ball
eat an Oreo cookie
water a plant
drink red wine with white meat
hell., just drink red wine

STOP killing each other

for now

Thanks this week go/goes to - Anthea Turner - Fuji - The Small Faces - Cesar (the homeless man) - Ken Nwadike - Mary Sue Carnes - Paul Myers and James Karagiannis

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