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Another Week 68 - Woody Harrelson, Zika Virus, Shark Attacks, Jose and

Ok., so let me put it this way

There are 'peeps' who know how to put it this way.; they've been to 'Uni' and hey, got their deeGree.; they can put it flowery, they can, erm., cough, articulate.. Literate comes to mind.., whereas 'moi' (?) just observes and irritates.. One gains followers and friends while the other, simply gets read, but heaven forbid showing any signs of that.
So., onwards with this week's observations.. I saw the all too familiar 'group' this week.. A group so unmistakeable because of the way they stood out..; they wore their 'local' fashions with obvious great Primark pride, but perhaps it was their 'clipboards', along with the shiney shoes and similar ages that also added to the 'in crowd' look. Actually there was the token female among the 8 or so. Funny how I can remember the look, the sexes, the clipboards, the coats., but not exactly how many of them made up the group.; could have been 8., or 9., or 7.. The actual amount doesn't really matter ., there were more than 6.., I think..

Creative Minds
out any
I can recall the anoraks, blue ones.. I can remember the hair cuts.. and I can accurately see the 'walks', the stances and the group discussions..; I can even see the way 'they' pointed and listened.; ALL official like. I guess I could have a pretty good guess as to who's voice was listened to the most and the one who most of the group 'followed'.. One woman, several gents.. Hmm, probably not one under mid forties., perhaps early forties at the most/least., although the way the local wardrobe works, nobody seems to have their suits altered to fit correctly which, in my lame and unqualified opinion, ages one quicker than even the mildest of stressful thoughts..


Now., what were these 'guys' (and gal) doing..? NO doubt about it, they were 'from the council' offices.. They pointed 'here', they 'pointed there'., they 'gathered' here and they then went for lunch (?) at 'my expense' probably to the local Pier Approach hipster bar.; the one with the view of the pier., no less..
Again, I've not seen 'peeps' at the Food Court Street Corner place.., but hey, it's winter time.., for most of the bloody duh year.. aNd as 'they' used their 'talents' (and degrees) to promote, design., build and fund a groovin' 'out door' area not being used., I did wonder, hmm.

Watching these qualified folk point and meander through the 'water feature' and the fun fun., fun concrete 'cough, splutter'., leaves., I tried really hard to imagine like a creative council employee, so I 'hung out' for quite a while, but alas, I didn't see ONE public person, either sit down, stall, hesitate or infact walk through; from my vantage point I took in the fact that despite the several million 'dosh er rooneys'., this 'group' (?) are responsible for approving, no one was around to take it all in.., well, apart from said 'peeps'.. and me.., wrapped up to the gills..
is this a whine
is this a rant
it's simply an
(that's French, you know)

Far be it for me to say., but, hey, I'm gonna say it anyway.; sorry., but if a place has a climate, an indifferent weather thingy., wouldn't ya wanna, perhaps., maybe think about 'roofs', creating a shopping center that attracts, that ties in., that offers 'something' anything worthy..! Wouldn't ya maybe, perhaps, think about indoor stuff (shhh)to give all us wet, wind blown, shivering locals a reason to support da local areARGH.. Might even help year round visitors who just can't cope with the blustery sand swept days.. When the rains come in., as they do., duh.. and they do with extreme regularity (duh)., duh.. Imagine a place with great shopping, with roofs.. and no, not Primark, not J&D Sports, not BetFred., not Spar and not another Tescos..; not another telephone place, not another ice cream Mum.. Is it that difficult 'group of archaic anorak people'.?

Yes, we can talk about the Green Party (all you want).. and yes, we can show our support to every local thing., but man.., let's 'throw off our anoraks and think outside the box.'., baby.. Those leaves are just not cool., the empty Street Food Corner., is just another empty place that even the vendors don't seem to wanna touch.., apparently., obviously..

English TV.; groan

There is an Argos in town, phew and hey hey for Argos., tucked away somewhere forgettable.. I wanted to pick up a Kindle, and after marching all OVER town (believe me !), I couldn't find one single place that sold 'em.., until, until I had an unusual brainwave (of sorts).. ARGOS baby.. ONE, one.. that's ONE effing place in a town that's home for over 180k ageing, care dependent residents that could offer me a Kindle.. I could've got in my car, drove outta town to find one, I guess., but the point is.., if I were visiting this ancient wannabee place, I couldn't find stuff in it if I tried.. Look, I wanted to spend yer actual dosh er rooneys on something other than a packet of choc' digestives., other than  lemon shower gel and other than a cup of coffee/tea and a cheese sandwich.


I guess the group of middle aged anoraks and one woman, may have some say in all this, but I'm not expecting much, sadly, given the leaves and fountain that's 'shut down for winter'..; ''Haha., let's shut it down now we've built it..''. Hmm, well, we HAVE to shut it down because it gets all sand clogged up.. DUh, noooo.; reaLLy. Rocket science and degrees must have told ya all that.?.. The wind blows here (?), it rains too.(?) and the combination of wind and rain with a lil ole sand., makes for one hell of a mess and uncomfortable outdoor few minutes.. Degrees and qualification, uh.; rocket scientists huh.!

I do hope the field trip and lunch view proved a fun and creative distraction to that of da lil ole office for ya'll.; now, was that anorak nice and warm.?
If you're a Doctor suggesting/prescribing a band-aid/plaster for cancer., then I'd question your 'expertise' AND qualification
an' I'm questioning your expertise.. dude..


STA Travel

Let's not talk about the cars I walked by with their windows smashed in and vandalised..; let's not talk about the groovin' place with it's store windows vandalised and let's not talk about electric showers..
''Let's talk about sex for now to the people at home or in the crowd''
.. and let's talk about ... spam., or

French style

Oh goody, the sun's out..; I guess that means I can wear my prescription sunglasses in order to actually see and to protect my sun damaged eyes.. without perhaps being ridiculed for doing so.. 


Thanks this week go/goes to - Cornish Coast - University degrees - Storms - Roger the buff kangaroo - Bei Bei and Room for Rhinos

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